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Your consumer unit (often referred to as a fuse board) is probably the most important safety device in your property. Its purpose is to protect you, your cherished ones, your property and your existing electrical wiring should an electrical fault occur. In the last 10 – 20 years technology with consumer units (or fuse boards) has progressed significantly and as a result the wiring regulations (BS7671) has also changed periodically. If you still have the old fuse-type consumer unit you could be putting yourself and your family at risk, not to mention your property and your existing electrical wiring. The old fuse type boards are no longer seen as a reliable means to protect you or your electrical installation due to their poor tolerance ratings, response levels and slow operation times in the event of a fault. The cost of a replacement consumer unit is not as severe as most people think and it is negligible compared to that of a re-wire. The average domestic consumer units costs around £249, all inclusive, which includes installation, certification and Part P notification to your building planner. The newer consumer units have dual RCD protection which optimises the safety of your electrical installation, whilst minimising inconvenience in the event of a fault. RCD’s are essential safety devices today and all final circuits should always be protected by them, with few exceptions, especially in locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and external applications. They are particularly essential when you have a shower and there is presence of water or for final ring main circuit where you may come in contact with electrical appliances as and when they go wrong. If you have the old fused type fuse board and you are considering having it updated I would be happy to offer you the advise to suit your requirements.


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