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Decorative lighting & display lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the look and style of your property. Since I first started working as an electrician in Milton Keynes, lighting technology has advanced significantly and the pricing has become more and more affordable to fall within the vast majority of people’s budgets.



Advancements in LED technology means that we can be greener than ever before. The reliability of these lamps along with their longevity and aesthetics, makes them the most attractive lamps on the market today. A typical LED lamp will last around 25,000 hours and have a power rating of 8W.  They last 25 times longer and are approximately 8 times more efficient than the equivalent halogen 1000 hour 60W lamp. Other popular lights I install regularly include external floodlights and garden lighting, which greatly improves both visibility and the security of your property.                                     images-3

Whatever your requirements there is a vast number of choices available, internal and external and so I would be happy to discuss the options which are available to you to meet your requirements.


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