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Periodic testing and inspection of your electrical installation is an essential part of electrical maintenance. If you suspect that there is a problem with your electrical installation it is important to ensure that any fault is identified and rectified as soon as possible to ensure that the problem does not deteriorate which could incur further costs than necessary. It is a requirement for properties to have their electrical installation tested and inspected periodically. For most private homeowners it is recommended that you have your property tested at 10 year intervals. For landlords, HMO’s and commercial dwellings it is usually required to have it checked at 5 years intervals, depending on the property, its use and the people or livestock who will occupy it. Failure to observe this may have costly or legal consequences and may affect your insurance. All periodic testing and inspection is certified. You will receive a copy of the test & inspection certification and the work will also be notified to Elecsa on your behalf, which is an independent Part P registration scheme.



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